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Crystal Pool Srl started its operations in Genoa in 2009 with the management of Chemical tankers acquired by the Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group two years earlier.

Crystal Pool Srl is also part of Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group. The Group has more than 100 years history in ship-owning and more than 40 years in Ship-management.

The Management and staff were previously in charge of other international Ship-management organizations.

As from its creation, the Company has taken over the management of various vessels from different managers and, based on successful performance, has retained the management after change of ownership of part of the fleet.

Today, the Company manages a wide fleet of different type of vessels


Crystal Pool SRL manages sophisticated vessels trading worldwide. By a strict compliance and continuous improvement in our working systems and procedures, we ensure that services provided to the marine industry are of excellence, professional and competitive achieving zero incidents and no pollution. Crystal Pool SRL vision is to be recognized as a proactive and innovative Industry Leader in Ship Management.

The Company assumes whole responsibility for safe and efficient operation of all vessels under its full management and takes over all duties imposed by the ISM code. Crystal Pool SRL is committed to comply with applicable legislations and with other industry requirements.

The working language of the company is English although inter-office working language may be Italian.


HSSE&Q policy is a set of fundamental principles and goals, which helps a Company to put its commitments into practice. It is the foundation upon which improvement of performance and management system can be built.

We acknowledge the following:

  • Human resources are Critical part of our business
  • We handle and transport highly hazardous cargoes in different forms.
  • The potential operational risks in our business are significant.
  • We frequently operate in environmentally sensitive areas under adverse conditions.
  • Health, safety, security, environmental and quality issues are an integral part of considerations.
  • The demands of our clients and of the industry are continuously increasing; therefore we adopt an attitude of continuous improvement with regard to our operations. This includes industry’s best practises such as OCIMF Guidelines and MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen

Therefore we are collectively committed to the following:

  • We rank health, safety, security, protection of environment and quality as top-priorities in all our activities, with aiming of pollution avoidance and reduction of air emission and garbage production.
  • We assess and identify risks to our personnel, to the environment and to the ships through Risk Assessment and Incident investigation as recognized tools to achieve zero level incident.
  • We measure our success in health, safety, security, environmental and quality matters according to criteria defined by the management.
  • We are collectively committed to the principles specified in our Safety Management System.
  • We reduce failures due to technical reasons by planned maintenance of ships. We maintain optimum spare parts inventory and system redundancy for all vessels.
  • We comply with our customers’ requirements, respect their demands, keep communication at efficient level, monitor possible claims and customers complaints, and fulfill ISO 9001 requirements.
  • We fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and encourage proactive initiatives in this respect.
  • We believe that continuous improvement of our processes is done through Management reviews, internal and external audits, and encouragement of best practices. These improve our performances and our Customer satisfaction.
  • We ensure that all oral and written information leaving our office is accurate and correct.
  • We monitor, evaluate and follow-up possible claims, non-conformities, complains.
  • With our operations and in compliance with ISO 14001, we aim to minimize any negative effect to the environment.


  • We consider health, safety, security, protection of environment and quality as top-priorities in all our activities on all levels of the organization, in order to achieve zero incidents.
  • We aim to achieve zero pollution by ensuring that high standards of safety and awareness are always maintained and that all relevant environmental legislations and conventions are complied with.
  • We publish our key performance indicator goals to our personnel. These include onboard visits, vessel reporting formats, incident exposure hours, third parties inspection results, budget vs actual technical costs.
  • We require open and no-blame reporting of incidents, near misses, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts and risk assessments with corrective actions that will improve safety standard and awareness.
  • We respond on incidents, near misses, non-conformities and risk assessments and broadcast analysis onboard. Communication is important part of improving daily work and during onboard visits we encourage new ideas and improvements.
  • We are prepared for emergencies in order to reduce our exposure to incidents, terrorism, piracy and other criminal acts through defined measures.
  • We view our personnel as a valuable asset and we continuously support their training and personal development. Objectives are measured by the results of Personal Performance Reviews (PPR) and by Management reviews.
  • We aim at high retention rates for our staff both onboard and ashore and encourage promotion within the Company.
  • We aim to have 0 days of unscheduled off-hire in our managed fleet. Objectives are measured by off-hire statistics.
  • We monitor our performance regularly and provide services which fulfills or exceeds our Customers` expectations.


The Crewing Operational Procedures supersedes all other policies, procedures and annuals review relating to crewing matters. We will strive through education, teamwork, and information sharing to ensure all our employees continuously improves the way in which we operate and work together.

The Crewing Operational Procedures are in compliance with:

  • The international Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW).
  • The relevant Flag State requirements
  • The relevant chapters of SOLAS Convention
  • The ILO Convention 147, Merchant Shipping Minimum Standards, ILO and MLC 2006
  • Other relevant ILO Conventions as ratified by the particular Flag State Administration
  • Agreed Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)
  • Relevant laws, Conventions, Codes or Standards as required by the Owner / Ship Management.

All personnel shall bear in mind that the primary objective of the vessel’s Officer and Crew complement is to ensure that the vessel is operated in a safe, secure, efficient and cost effective manner. The navigation of the vessel will be conducted at all times in compliance with International Conventions, National laws and in keeping with the practices of good seamanship. This means that each officer shall always take into account whilst executing his/her duties the safety of:

  • The Crew
  • Protection of the Environment
  • The Vessel and her cargo
  • Third party properties


  • Being socially responsible company, our core values at Crystal Pool SRL are Health, Safety, Security and Environmental performances.
  • Management of Crystal Pool SRL fulfils its responsibility of providing necessary resources to ensure HSSE&Q compliance.
  • Age of our crewmembers conforms MLC 2006.
  • Working/Rest hours on-board are strictly monitored to be in accordance with STCW including latest Amendments.
  • We provide wages compliant with ITF and other relevant National Bargaining Agreement.
  • We don’t believe in any kind of discrimination based on sex, race, religion, belief, caste or creed, etc.
  • We give full respect to every employee and no one is subjected to any physical, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.
  • Seafarers health protection and medical care complies with MLC 2006 requirements.


Crystal Pool SRL is committed, with appropriate support from customer and local government, to provide security support and conduct its operations with minimum risk to all personnel and company assets, always abides by International Regulations and National Laws with regards to the use of firearms.

Crystal Pool SRL must ensure that security issues are properly addressed by security management including at least following:

  • Identifying and evaluating threads, vulnerabilities and risk to personnel and assets
  • Establishing security plan to minimize the risk to personnel and potential damage to company assets
  • Identifying and training of CSO, SSO, crewmembers with security duties.
  • Monitoring security measures for continuous improvements as well as reviewing of incidents for immediate measures
  • Adopting “NO RESISTANCE” policy under apparent threats to life.
  • Liaison with law enforcement agencies, governments and to encourage peaceful cooperation with local communities.
  • Gathering and evaluating available information with respect to security threats and implement relevant measures to protect personnel and assets.


With the ultimate objective of protecting Human Life and the Environment and of assuring the highest standards of Safety at sea, the Company has established a “Zero Tolerance Policy” with respect to consumption and possession of drugs & alcohol on board the vessels.

The Master is responsible for the implementation of the drug & alcohol policy onboard his/her ship. The company shall provide Captain with the equipment and the necessary guidance to administer alcohol tests for all employees, officers and ratings, as well as all the necessary support to implement the disciplinary action.


The mission of Crystal Pool Ship Management Genoa is to provide our customers with competent, safe, environmentally sound and cost effective services.


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Crystal Pool has recently achieved two significant international standard certifications.


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